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Nitrate Reductor Kit 50010


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The Device can be used to analyze nitrate as nitrite in physiological fluids using a single disposable microplate for both the reduction process and the Griess reaction colorimetric assay.  The Reductor has broad application in biomedical research involving in vivo nitric oxide production.

The Device also has applications in agricultural research, soil testing, and environmental monitoring.

Expensive, single-use nitrate analysis kits are replaced with a reusable device suitable for analysis of several thousand samples.

Laboratories that routinely perform ELISA testing procedures should already have the necessary equipment and supplies, and would only need to purchase the Reductor to acquire the capability to perform nitrate analysis more efficiently than with virtually any other analytical system.

Nitrate Reductor Kit includes: 1 Reductor, 1 Nunc Microplate (with 3 Locking Pins), 1 Nunc Holding Tray with Lid, 1 Cleaning Solution Container, and 3 Replacement Locking Pins. 


  • Nitrate may be successfully analyzed in virtually any sample matrix.
  • The Standard Additions Method protocol described in the cited publication, allows the relationship of water standards to statistically derived sample concentrations to be accurately established in a single operation.  An assessment of the absolute accuracy of the method for a given matrix can thus be easily determined.


  • Expenses are reduced from several dollars per analysis when using other commercially available nitrate analysis kits to only a few cents when using the ParaTechs Reductor.
  • The need for expensive, dedicated instrumentation such as continuous-flow analyzers is eliminated.   Very little expertise, beyond accurate pipetting skills, is required to perform the analysis.
  • The Reductor has no moving parts and the analysis requires no start-up time.  The reagents are simple to prepare and are stable for extended periods.
  •  Using multiple Reductors, the daily laboratory throughput for nitrate analysis is limited only by the number of individuals applied to the task.



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