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VE-BEVS Complete Kit 30021 (VE-CL-02, pAcVE1)


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VE-BEVS Complete Kit 30021 contains Product 10020 Insect Cell Line (VE-CL-02) and Product 20010 Transfer Vector (pAcVE1).

• VE-BEVS Insect Cell Line 10020 (1x10⁷ cells; frozen) (VE-CL-02) Enhanced expression of highly unstable or toxic proteins. Harmonized Tariff: 3002.90.5150

• VE-BEVS Transfer Vector 20010 (10 µg) (pAcVE1) Co-expression of vankyrin gene for increased protein production.


VE-BEVS Insect Cell Line 10020

  • Engineered monoclonal Sf9 cell line stably expresses a vankyrin gene.
  • Mycoplasma free
  • Up to 7.5-fold increase in protein yield as compared to parental Sf9 cells
  • Enhanced protein expression occurs at a very high level over a very short time interval
  • Prolonged longevity of cells after infection with a baculovirus compared to parental Sf9 cells
  • Increased baculovirus titer
  • Compatible with all conventional BEVS
  • Reduced cost and labor
  • Expression of recombinant protein may need to be optimized by testing different time points and MOIs.

Transfer Vector 20010 (pAcVE1)

  • This baculovirus transfer vector 20010 (pAcVE1) integrates the co-expression of a vankyrin gene from the p10 promoter for the increased production of gene of interest from the polyhedrin promoter.


    VE-BEVS Cell Line Instructions [PDF]

    Transfer Vector pAcVE1 [PDF]

    pAcVE1 Instructions [PDF]

    VE-BEVS Cell Line FAQs [PDF]

    VE-BEVS Licensing

    Contract service for introducing the vankyrin gene into a custom insect cell line is available upon request.

    Patent information:
    VE-BEVS Cell Line United States Patent 7,842,493 [PDF]
    VE-BEVS Transfer Vector United States Patent 7,629,160 [PDF]

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